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Preparing Future Faculty, COS 8801

Preparing Future Faculty is a seminar course offered by College of Science at Georgia Tech as a professional development opportunity for doctoral students interested in pursuing a faculty career. Participants will learn about challenges and opportunities encountered when considering a career in academia.

If you are wondering how to prepare your CV, how to write a compelling research or teaching statement, how to best prepare for your first interview, or how to begin an independent research program (and write proposals), this seminar course is for you. If you are wondering if an academic career could be in your future, this seminar may help you answering that question.

Each class will consist of a short presentation, with plenty of the time devoted to discussion. It is a very interactive seminar. No homework but you are encourage to prepare CV, and a Research and Teaching statements. Pass or Fail only.

Introduction to Research and Responsible Conduct, EAS 6000

The primary aim of this course is to identify and discuss ethical challenges that EAS graduate students confront in their research and to give incoming graduate and master students an overview of the research areas covered in the School. Topics addressed include those recognized by NIH, NSF, and Georgia Tech as crucial to being a responsible researcher.

This course satisfies Georgia Tech RCR policy’s requirements for “in-person” training (note however that laboratory safety is not covered).

Ocean Dynamics, EAS 6672

An advanced class for graduate students in Oceanography and Climate Science that considers the ocean as a dynamical system. Students will derive the basic equations governing it and will investigate its variability.

This course includes a short compendium on the theory of dynamical systems and uses a combination of observations, theory and numerical modeling to understand the large scale ocean circulation.

Advanced Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, EAS 6155

This class introduces students to the fundamental tools to understand study Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (GFD) and related disciplines. Approximately half of this course is focused on the mathematical methods used in fluid dynamics, and the other half covers applications relevant to understanding the fundamental processes driving ocean and atmospheric flows.

Classes' Material

From 2010 the material for all of the above classes is made available to enrolled students via T-Square.